Field of hopes and dreams

Field of Hopes and Dreams

field of hopes and dreams

Deltarune OST - Rude Buster (Battle Theme) [Undertale Series]


DnB remix by nyxtheshield. Keep reading. Deltarune was absolutely fantastic, and so was the song Field of Hopes and Dreams! I slowed down the track for Field of Hopes and Dreams in Audacity and the end result sounds…super sad. It did, although I had to slow the tempo of the former for it to fit.

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See More by caphricina. Featured in collections. Deltarune by AmyandSonicfan1. Deltarune by CometKyasuta. Featured in groups See All. The Field of Hopes and Dreams. I really love this stage and fun gang.

Field of Hopes and Dreams (From "Deltarune")

Deltarune the (not) Musical - Field of Hopes and Dreams

More by Toby Fox

Field , also known as The Field of Hopes and Dreams, is a large, purple-colored, meadow-like area in the Dark World , characterized by its many twists and corners. In this area, enemies like Hathy and Rudinn first appear. Kris and Ralsei first enter Field after going through the Great Door in Castle Town , chasing after Susie who left the party shortly before. In the meantime, Lancer starts placing down signs throughout the field, primarily to taunt the party while they attempt to make their way through the Field's twists and turns. Eventually, the party encounters Lancer, who tells them he ran away after Susie beat him up. The party continues and finds Top Chef and a Broken Cake. Top Chef mentions that Susie ate the cake, describing her as a "purple monster," and that they had to shoo her off.



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