Chest and tricep workout routine

This Chest and Tricep Workout Promises Huge Muscle Development

chest and tricep workout routine

Fitness influencer Paul Olima takes us through his chest and triceps workout for building a supersized upper body.

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Cardio , HIIT and full-body workouts all have their place in a well thought-out training plan, but sometimes you have to hit the weights room and chase a pump. Keep an hour aside for this workout from PT Jeremy Scott it'll blast your chest and triceps using a variety of methods to sear your muscle fibres. The volume of the workout promises an immediate pump long after you've hit the showers, and the continual stress on your muscles ensures optimum growth and, crucially, noticeable muscle-gain. When you're tackling the workout, which is inspired by bodybuilding deity Arnold Schwarzenegger , don't rush your reps. Focus on contracting the muscles being worked and controlling the movement through the entire range of motion. You'll feel bigger almost immediately just mind the door frame on your way out

Carving out a chiselled chest and triceps is what a lot of men strive for, but it's by no means easy. With Olima's push session, you'll work through a mix of high reps and low reps with little rest to ensure you'll leave the gym feeling a lot stronger than you arrived. Olima explains, "As far as sculpting and strengthening your chest and triceps goes, this workout ticks every box. You'll hit the pec minor and major at every possible angle for a well-rounded chest and your triceps will be pushed to the max. Although Olima has outlined how many reps you should hit every set, he doesn't expect you to be reaching them every time. That's because if you can do all three sets for all the reps stated then you're probably not pushing your muscles as hard as they can go. To grow, you need to give everything you have, hit failure, instead of leaving a few reps behind.

You asked and we listened; earlier this month we put the call out to our Insta-fam to learn what they wanted from us when it comes to workouts. Overwhelmingly, our followers wanted more workouts for beginners, that would deliver a direct case of the upper-body pumps. Putting on our investigation hats, we sent the call out to our unbeatable network of MH publications around the world, before landing on this absolute banger from our mates in the UK. High reps and managable weight gives way to a struggle to maintain correct form, especially by the end of the workout. Widen the doorways, clear your DM's, and buy a bigger shirt, because size will be the prize for crushing this workout. Lie back on a bench set to a degree angle and lift the weights up to shoulder height, palms facing away from you.

Olympia title. For optimal results, Braun recommends training the triceps and chest muscles two to three times a week. Regarding sets and reps, it all depends on your goals.
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What do you have scheduled for your next upper-body workout? It can wait. Aaron Marino's Tailored chest and triceps full video workout is here, and you need to do it now. Chest day looking a little stale? Dial it in with this high-rep burner from one of our most anticipated training programs in years, Alpha M's Tailored: 6 Weeks to Living Lean.

Fill Your Shirt With This Chest And Tricep Workout

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Paul Olima's Workout to Sculpt Your Chest and Triceps




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