Joe rogan and carlos mencia

Carlos Mencia

joe rogan and carlos mencia

Ned Arnel Mencia (born October 22, ), known professionally as Carlos Mencia (and . In , comedian Joe Rogan wrote a post on his website publicly accusing Mencia of being a plagiarist, alleging that Mencia stole jokes from a.

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General Discussion Thread. Recommended reading: latest rules discussion. With almost a million and a half hits, this is the video that defined what a joke thief is. Does it still hold up? Most of the accusations since this video has come out are showing how similar one comics jokes are to another and while I find that these make me go "hmm" I can never help but think that Carlos was on a different level.

Read on for the full story. In stand-up comedy, joke thieves are the equivalent to pasty faced, handle-bar mustache wearing villians who tie up women and throw them on train tracks. Carlos Mencia was one of the most notorious of these villains while on the road to becoming one of the biggest names in comedy. Joe Rogan explains it in more detail on his own blog post here. To have your joke stolen means having to generate new material for sets, sometimes right before a show that can make or break your career.

General Discussion Thread. Recommended reading: latest rules discussion. Referenced today on with Mary Lynn Rajskub. Also massive lol when Joe goes "No one is jealous of you, you fat fuck". It was for most most people, at the time, their introduction to Rogan being more than just the Fear Factor guy. Carlos lost his show and was exiled from his massive status.

Ned Arnel Mencia born October 22, , known professionally as Carlos Mencia and previously Ned Holness [1] is a Honduran-born American comedian , writer, and actor known for stealing jokes. His style of comedy is often political and involves issues of race , culture , criminal justice , and social class. He is best known as the host of the Comedy Central show Mind of Mencia which produced four seasons before being cancelled in Around this time, Mencia received several accusations of plagiarism in his stand-up routines. By his own admission, staying out of trouble was difficult while growing up, but with the help of his family, he excelled in school and stayed out of gangs.

Performing for a sold out crowd at the Tropicana Showroom, Carlos Mencia, kept the audience in tears from laughter. Although the topics were quite racy and somewhat inappropriate, he also offered nuggets of advice between jokes to show his more 'human' side, and the fans loved it. After the show, Mencia stayed for over an hour taking pictures with everyone who waited in line, and from our NJ. Mencia: It was awesome and better than last time. Great crowd, great reaction, it was just amazing. Especially here in AC, you just get really good pockets from the surrounding areas that make it more of an eclectic kind of show.

It's an immutable law of comedy—under no circumstances may a comic use another performer's material. Naturally, with so many comics making observations about the world around them, similarities are bound to exist between one guy's airplane food joke and another's. Allegations of joke lifting are common, with top-tier talent like Conan O'Brien and Amy Schumer often having accusations thrown their way Schumer, for her part, vehemently denies any thievery. But throughout standup's history, some similarities have been too close to ignore. The late, great star of stage, screen, radio and TV was once the nation's most popular comedian, earning him a year television contract with NBC and the endearing nickname Uncle Miltie.

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