How to use mouse and keyboard on ps4 bf4

Battlefield 4 on PS4 could get keyboard and mouse support

how to use mouse and keyboard on ps4 bf4

It is confirmed that there is NO support for M/KB on BF4 on PS4. Simply have you tried using a bluetooth keyboard and mouse that might work.

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Enlisted: First sorry for my bad-bad english. I just want to dice thinking about console player when some noob use XIM4 for play game in Console. I think that is unfair. Dice please release patch to block that fiture.

Log in or Sign up. PlanetSide 2 Forums. Mouse and keyboard Vs Controller on Ps4 opinions. I would like to hear the opinions of People playing on ps4 and pc about this topic does playing with mouse and keyboard give you a direct advantage over controller users or not and i also wanna say i did not create this thread for people to hate so just give your opinion without any hate and dont call anyone out. Believesps4 , Apr 25, Keyboard have more buttons

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September Hi, I read in a couple of places there were hints that it may be possible to use a keyboard and mouse to play BF4 on the PS4 - can you confirm if this is correct please. Really hoping that the Keyboard and Mouse is a possiblitiy. According to an article published on July 8 by Gameranx. November Would be interested to find out as well as my kid wants a PS4 so that'll be my platform for BF4.

Enlisted: Hello, is there any news about Mouse and Keys support for PS4 version? There were some rumors that is can be added.. Simply a matter of fairness of control input. If you can't use your controller, why bother getting a PS4? Try this in February for all PS4 games.

PS4 now has more players online playing battlefield than any other platform. Its remarkable especially, since millions more copies were sold on the pc. Whatever the reason, PC players have migrated to the PS4 yet we have no mouse and keyboard support. Patrick Bach has stated that they wanted to add this support while mainitaining a level playing feild since Bad Company 2. Well, the time has come to stop making excuses. They are making a living off of gamers who want this support from games that the developers are not giving us. That's not fair, lets be honest.

keyboard/mouse for ps3/4 help

BF4 Scout Helicopter Unleashed #001 - perfect Mouse and Keyboard configuration [English]



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