Ja rule and ashanti songs

Mesmerize (song)

ja rule and ashanti songs

Ja Rule ft. Ashanti - Always On Time (Official Video)

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In the early s, Murder Inc. Born Ashanti Douglas, the Long Island native reeled listeners in early on with her smooth vocals. With five albums under her belt, Ashanti is now a seasoned veteran. You were just on Joel McHale's new series Crashed. Talk about how that all came together. It was actually really cool. When I heard about what it was, I was like, "Oh my God.

In the early 's you couldn't turn on your radio without hearing a Ja Rule and Ashanti song. With classic songs like, "Always On Time," "Down 4 U," and "Mesmerize," it's no wonder they are coming back together to release a joint album. Ashanti was discovered as a teenager and signed to Murder Inc. The album sold over half a million copies within the first week. The single, "Always On Time," shot straight to the top the charts spending two weeks at No. Ja Rule and Ashanti would go on to make close to a dozen songs together after this single. In , Ja Rule released his sixth studio album entitled R.

From to , Ja Rule had multiple hits that made the top 20 of the U. Kelly and Ashanti. During the s, Ja Rule was signed to Murder Inc. Records , formerly known as The Inc. Records and led by Irv Gotti. Due to his hits with his collaborators, Ja Rule has earned four Grammy nominations, and has had six top-ten albums, two of which, Rule and Pain Is Love , topped the US Billboard

It was released in December as the second single from his fourth album The Last Temptation. The music video was inspired by the musical number " You're the One that I Want " from the musical film Grease. The video begins with a group of men dressed in black discussing their plan for a revolution in a strategy room.
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O : First of all, he sang WAY too much for a hardcore thug, as he kept claiming to be. O : And this is a comparison that must be noted, because not only did DMX arrive on the scene about a year before Ja Rule, but he also had an energy, griminess, and passion in his rhymes that made Ja Rule look like a corny knock off. His material was not only more clever and diverse, but also grittier, making you believe every word he viciously growled. O : That, coupled with the fact that, in , both his first and second albums went number one in the same year, and you can bet your ass people were trying to imitate the formula. RC: Not by trying to achieve the same intensity or ability as DMX, but by taking his exact aesthetic, and watering it down to hell.



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