How to fly a kite and cut others kite

kite fighting technique !

how to fly a kite and cut others kite

With this thread you can fly any type of the kite size either big, small medium, large, extra-large kites. It is difficult to cut with hands this thread.

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Although hand injuries due to kite strings seem to be trivial, these injuries could be serious enough to lose the function of hand. This case series in the division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of our institution from August to January evaluated the clinic-etiological profile, severity and management of hand injuries due to kite strings assessed clinically and radiologically. Eleven patients reported kite related injuries during two years, and 5 presented during 17 months. Of 11 patients, 8 were male and 3 were female with a M:F ratio of 2. The majority of patients presented with the mean age of Eight patients presented acutely to the emergency while 3 believed the injury to be trivial and had delayed presentation. Injuries in the right hand were 8 and 3 in the left hand.

Kite fighting is a popular game in countries all over the world, including the countries of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Japan, Korea and Nepal. There are even kite fighting festivals in many of these countries. The point of kite fighting is to either cut the thread of your competitor's kite or pull down their kite.
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Kite Flying. Written by Titus Pinto 10 January Many might think that a kite is just a piece of paper suspended in the sky. But the art of kite flying is a much more elaborate activity than that. In the populous Indian metropolitan cities where kites are flown with gusto, it's not just a leisure activity but a full-throttle sport. Kite fighting and the pride in being the last kite flying are deep rooted traditions in Indian states like Gujarat and Rajasthan. Makar Sankranti.

Hand Injuries by the Killer Kite Manja and Their Management

Fighter kites are kites used for the sport of kite fighting. In most traditional fighter kite manufacture, the skins of kites are made from a lightweight thin paper and the spars are usually made from a lightweight and flexible wood, usually bamboo.




Fighter kites are kites used for the sport of kite fighting. Traditionally most are small, unstable Dore (India and Pakistan) The string used to fly the kite. The sharper Pench When two or more kites are fighting to cut one another. (India) ; Kai.
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