Jason richardson and steve nash

Team Players? A History of Athletes (Allegedly) Sleeping with Their Teammate's WAGs

jason richardson and steve nash

Steve-Nash-Jason-Richardson. Phoenix Suns basketball star Steve Nash has been frequently seen with his wife and two children, so fans.

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People have a predetermined idea of what athletes are like nowadays. For this, whether they like it or not, athletes are constantly under the public eye, and although some may not deserve it, athletes become role models for hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. I mean, of course they are. But what happens when an athlete is caught with another teammate's girlfriend or wife, or worse? Of course, a lot is just gossip, albeit convincing nonetheless, but some are also clear as day.

For the life of an NBA player, being on the road can be tough, but the love of a significant other can get them through the hardest battles off the court. Being close with your teammates is also key, but being close to their wives is probably not the best idea. It can also possibility lead to being traded or dropped if the situation gets out of hand. Both parties eventually filed for divorce from their significant others. Barry opted out of his contract with the Spurs. Indiana Pacers players Paul George and Roy Hibbert were good friends until rumors of infidelity almost tore them apart.

A few months ago, I discussed the story of Steve Nash filing for divorce from his wife the day after their baby was born. NOW, it appears he may have had a valid reason AND was a partial catalyst for one of the big trades that happened earlier in the season. Ok, keep up with me. Are you following? Ok, the next twist to this story is that Nash was also indulging in his own side affair with a 22 year old named Brittany Richardson no relation to Jason. While my children certainly cannot read about this today, I have to assume these horrible mistruths may someday be shared and therefore I must vehemently defend and protect my children.

While playing for the Phoenix Suns, Jason Richardson allegedly slept with Steve Nash's wife Alejandra Amarilla. As expected, the news gave.
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White NBA Player Steve Nash Divorced Because His Pregnant Wife Had A Black Baby!?

Phoenix Suns fans were shocked when Steve Nash filed for divorce from his wife of five years just one day after she had a baby. If new rumors are true, the basketball superstar found out that the baby was not his — but former Suns teammate Jason Richardson.


Rumor Has It: Steve Nash's Ex-wife's “Baby Daddy” Is Allegedly Jason Richardson. Move over Tony Parker! In December, Steve Nash filed for divorce from his.
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    Cousins has truly hurt his teams by piling up technicals and dumb ejections, not to mention the fact that his so-called desire to win has made him one of the most undesirable teammates in the league after he constantly gotten into their faces following a loss.

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    In the midst of the Steve Nash baby daddy drama, his ex-wife Alejandra cheating with Suns teammate Jason Richardson — who was quickly.

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