Cindy collier and shirley wolf

Cindy Collier and Shirley Wolf Teen Killers

cindy collier and shirley wolf

The Baby-Faced Killer - Crime Investigation Australia - Murders Documentary - True Crime

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Meeting new friends as a teen can be a rough experience. It can be difficult to break into solidified cliques or avoid bullying with new peers. This was not the case with Cindy Collier and Shirley Wolf. On June 14, , the two girls - ages 15 and 14, respectively - met and realized they had a lot in common, including the desire to kill for fun. These killer teens started knocking on condominium doors in Auburn, CA, only hours after meeting, hoping to find an unsuspecting victim. They did. The teen girls murdered an elderly woman for fun.

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Cindy Collier and Shirley Wolf are two teenagers who, in the summer of , decide to kill someone to steal a car. They know they are not very strong and so they choose a fragile and defenseless victim: an elderly lady of 85 years. It was June , and Cindy is a teenager full of anger. She was raped before her tenth birthday and now has a strong resentment towards all people. She is a rebellious teenager and the police know her well: shoplifting, bullying and carjacking. It is for this reason that on 14 June she is in a correctional institution for minors.

Personally I see a gloomy pall in some of their humorless picture, and these were taken before the murders.
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The film is based on a play by James Bosley, which was in turn based on an actual murder that was committed in Auburn, California in by year-old Shirley Wolf and year-old Cindy Collier. It was lots of fun. The film is told in flashbacks detailing the girls' relationship in color , and their time in juvenile detention center in black and white. Bonnie Witt , aged 14, and Hillary Humphrey , aged 15, meet at a bus stop in Los Angeles , California and begin a friendship. They stroll around their city, chuck rocks onto a highway from an overpass bridge, run rampant in shopping malls, and play video games.



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