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New Year Party

New Year's Eve is always special in Route 66, so book your table today and let us all welcome 2018 in a special and crazy way


Electric Street Band

The band comprises of Malinda “Mali” Ranasinghe on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Robert “Rob” D’Souza on lead guitar, Andrew Thornley on bass, Tharindu “Thari” Nadisha on drums, Devan “Daddy D” Tuppali on harmonica and Sornik “Nik” Gonzgo on keyboards. The band has a wide repertoire of music that transcends genres and sometimes plays pop classics in reggae tones and vice versa.

The band has its inception in 2008 when its started out as a few mutually, or musically, inclined individuals getting together to jam in one of the member’s houses. From this Spiral Taal was born and went on to play several high-profile gigs in Muscat. With the migration of some of the members, the group disbanded but several key members, Mali, Thari, Devan and Sornik, kept in touch and, in late 2014, sparked a renewed interest in resurrecting the band. Needing cohesion, and seeing their unlimited potential, and knowing that more than interest was needed, Lance Muller joined as manager and promoter to create a brand for the band.

Renamed and refreshed as The Electric Street Band, both a nod towards E-Street Band of Bruce Springsteen and Electric Avenue by Eddy Grant, the band welcomed the addition of Andew Thornley, bass guitarist, Star Wars aficionado and Robert D’Souza, undercover rock superstar who played with the likes of Chick Corea and learned the finer points under legend Frank Gambale.

The band hasn’t looked back since. Playing most major venues in Muscat. They have gained a loyal following, lovingly called “tesbians” by the band that makes an effort to come see the band play wherever they might be. The love of music drives the band to do more for the audience as well as themselves.



The T. Band

Rock hard this Thursday, with Muscat's hottest band 



Karaoke Night

Every Wednesday in Route 66, come and sing all your favourite songs and hits in the best Karaoke night in town.